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CCMR Fuses

CCMR fuses are the most commonly used fuse types in the machine controllers.  They are used as follows:

1.       Main disconnect fuses that are 30 Amps or less.  J class fuses are used for all larger disconnects.
2.       On machines with more than one spindle they are used to individually protect each inverter.  These fuses can be between 10 and 30 Amps.
3.       Main transformer fuse ( 5 Amps).
4.       Contactor coil fuse (5 Amps).
5.       HSD fan motor fuses ( 1 Amp).
6.       Drive power board main fuses (20 Amps).

CCMR fuses are specially designed for this application and must be used to ensure reliable and safe operation of CNC machinery.


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WARNING!  Be sure to replace fuses with the correct class of fuse.  Fuses of the correct size and amperage are not sufficient to ensure proper operation.  




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