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Phenolic Pressure Foot Donut

The Phenolic Pressure Foot Donut is blind (top-down) mounted. Our new blind mount donut replaces the old bottom-up design and fits older AXYZ High Capacity Pressure Feet.

This high wearing donut will fit on an original pressure foot. It is designed to wear much better than the injection molded versions and will last much longer.

This donut is much harder so is not recommended for use on materials that scratch easily.

Note: The following parts are not compatible with Infinite machines.

Old Series                                     Infinite Equivalent

027733 ACM Phenolic .75”           1780135-01

027732 ACM Phenolic 1.5”           1780135-02

027731 ACM Phenolic 2.24”         1780135-03

027730 ACM Phenolic 3.5             1780060

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