051281: Blue Glide Donut

The AXYZ Blue Glide Donut is a unique and highly durable accessory which has been developed especially for processing ACM.

Eliminate surface damage and benefit from faster cut speeds and longer donut life.

Tests have shown that it reduces glide friction by up to 90% without affecting material hold down.

Blue Glide Donuts are sold as singles (1) per order and include mounting screws.

Note: 051281 is not compatible with Infinite machines.

Old Series                                    Infinite Equivalent

051281 Blue Glide Donut               1780056-00

Blue Glide Donut

More Info

We’ve worked with advanced material manufacturers to develop a donut with an extremely low coefficient of friction and at the same time having incredibly high durability. This provides:

  • Higher cut speeds
  • Smooth cut performance

The AXYZ Blue Glide Donut is fully compatible with the high capacity pressure foot for quick and easy retro-fitting.

Benefits of the new AXYZ Blue Glide Donut:

  • Avoid ACM surface damage and eliminate paint transfer
  • New top-down mount eliminates burr catch points
  • Enables higher cut speeds in all directions for all machine configurations
  • Fits the standard AXYZ pressure foot, i.e., no special adaptors required for new top-down mount

Tip: Couple the AXYZ Blue Glide Donut with our new AXYZ EZ Ryder mounting plate to further optimize your ACM router table. The AXYZ EZ Ryder reduces pressure foot loading to further reduce glide friction and introduces air dampening to accommodate surface and load variability.

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