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Blades for Tangential Knife

Knife blades to fit the AXYZ Tangential knife tool. These are available in different sizes and geometries to handle various materials and thicknesses.

We offer a wide range of Tangential Knife Cutter Accessories.

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The Box Cutter Blade is very versatile, providing a 45 degree grooving. This blade is particularly useful when profiling thicker material 10-15mm, whilst also being able to cut heavier but thinner duty materials such as PTFE. This blade must be used in conjuction with the Box Cutter Cartridge.

The Saber Blade is used for thinner material upto 5mm thick, the pointed blade always for small detail to be cut. The main use for this tool is cutting heavy duty, dense materials which require straight lines and/or gentle curves. This blade must be used in conjuction with the Saber Blade Cartridge.

The Pizza Wheel Blade is specifically designed for abrasive materials, providing more stability and longevity than any other option. This blade must be used in conjuction with the Rotary Knife Cartridge.

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Brand CNCShop
Flute type Straight
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