A2MC Zone Manager

The Zone Manager app lets you manage and control your zones, vacuum settings, dust settings and pop-up pins.

In order to activate your applications you must Download App Manager.

Zone Manager Release Notes

More Info
The Zone Manager app is designed to assist you in managing your zones, especially if your table is equipped with software controlled zones and you use pendulum processing. This app allows you to setup your zones (according to how your table has been manufactured), see the status of each zone, control the zones and manage the vacuum settings, dust collector and popup pins. The vacuum and dust collector settings can only be modified through the app if your CNC Machine is equipped with the appropriate vacuum control board.

For diagnostic purposes, if you are having issues with the vacuum related boards, this app allows you to check the status of the board to see if the A2MC is still communicating with the boards.

Note that once the app's access code has been activated a refund cannot be issued.
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