A2MC Origins Manager

The Origins Manager is a great app to view and change your machine origins.

In order to activate your applications you must Download App Manager.

Origins Manager Release Notes

More Info

The Origins Manager is used to set the user origin (G55), programmable origins (G56, G57, G58 and G59) and the G54 surface offset (waste board thickness) on machines equipped with an A2MC controller. Instead of going through functions on your sub console, this app provides a graphical view of all your origins where you will be able to set them with ease and see a top level image of your table and here each origin is set. Each origin is color coded so you can easily distinguish between different origins. Along with setting origins, if you modify the origins frequently, the app will store the last 5 parameters you used for that origin, so you can easily go back to your previous settings without having to remember what it was set to before.

Note that once the app's access code has been activated a refund cannot be issued.

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